Our Story

Eggstended version of our story

In 1937 Michael Savage was Prime Minister of New Zealand, the population was just over 1.5 million people and the company that would eventually become Better Eggs® was hatched to provide eggs for that population.

We got cracking - stocking the supermarkets, dairies, fruit and vege shops and bakeries with eggs to fry, scramble, poach, bake cakes with, turn into omelettes or add to salads and sandwiches.

Almost 90 years later, we’ve seen lots of changes and developments. The family has continued to grow and so has the business. We’ve had different brands and packaging over the years and it’s likely you’ve bought our eggs in the past without knowing it, because we’ve never really put a name on them - they’ve just been ‘eggs’.

Not any more. We’re proud of what we’ve done, who we are and what it all means. We think our eggs are better, so coming up with the new brand name was easy.

Better Eggs®. Boom!


Rasmusen’s Poultry Farm, one of our legacy companies, starts producing eggs from their Whanganui Egg farm. The quest for the better egg has begun.


Peter and Rita van der Heyden 
and a thousand chickens start 
Heyden Farms.


Forest Range Farm joins the family and eggciting ideas are hatched.


Ramusen’s Poultry Farm, Henergy Cage-Free and Heyden Farms come together and lay 
‘Better Eggs’ on the world.


Sustainability means being able to keep going at what you’re doing. So, we’re good to our people and our hens. We use natural rather than mechanical ventilation in our barns, which uses much less electricity and lets natural light into the barn - this is easier on the planet as well as better for the chickens. And we keep planting trees. Lots and lots of trees. We want the planet to be as happy as our chickens.

Eggstended Family

Better Eggs® is all about family - ours and yours. We’re privileged to be able to build on our family leggacies as well as adding to them, for us, our staff, our customers and our communities.

A lot can change in 90 years but strong family values remain. And when you’ve got those, that’s how you run your business too.

Better eggs® make
Better Eggs®

Jeff is a good egg. Erica's a good egg. Aaron is a good egg too. The place is full of good eggs. The people we deal with are good eggs. Surrounding ourselves with good eggs is the only way to make Better Eggs®.

We’re only interested in being eggceptional at what we do.

We value relationships. We’re in strong, long-lasting ones with all of our stakeholders.

Even Better Eggs® can always be better eggs. We’re always striving to improve and evolve, in line with our customers’ tastes and how the market is changing.

Check out our free range egg cartons in store now
Check out our free range egg cartons in store now
Check out our free range egg cartons in store now
Check out our free range egg cartons in store now