Redefining the ‘Free Range’ experience

Our Forest Range chooks are pioneering the future of free range.

These South Waikato-based chooks are the first to enjoy a brand-new concept of free-range poultry farming in New Zealand, that provides more security, variety and health benefits for the chooks – as well as added benefits for our wider community and environment.

The Forest Range environment

In addition to having warm sheds and picturesque pastures to roam, our Forest Range chooks’ environment is filled with tree-lined avenues that provide additional shade and shelter, added security and safety, as well as more interesting landscapes for these naturally curious birds.

The forest is planted with a range of oaks, poplars, redwoods and liquid ambers, as well as a huge collection of beautiful New Zealand natives.

Increasing our green

In the last 12 months:

  • 31,000 trees have been planted


In the next 12 months:

  • 14,000 more trees will be planted

What makes this site eggs-tra special?

  • Atrium-style sheds with added natural ventilation and light, which bring the outside in for the chooks
  • Larger indoor scratching areas
  • Continuous pop-holes (openings along the sides) of the sheds give the chooks more freedom to roam in and out of their own space
  • More TLC from our staff, thanks to efficiencies created by new egg-packing machinery and technology implemented

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